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501Ray HansellSearching Within
502Francis DugganSuch Kind And Nice People
503Francis DugganDecember In Duhallow
504Varghese J KuttikatRelease Nectar
505Francis DugganDouble Dipping James
506Francis DugganMamie O Connor
507Francis DugganTo Many I Am Just Another Old Timer
508Sarah MkhonzaHere Is A Gertrude Sneeze Number Four
509Brendan MillerLife's Clock
510Luo ZhihaiA Tang-Dynasty Dance
511Francis DugganWhy Ask How
512Sarah MkhonzaHere Is A Gertrude Sneeze Number Five
513Francis DugganSuccess And Failure
514Edwin TangumaTeflon Donul Dump (Senryu)
515Luo ZhihaiThe Mountain Dream
516Nassy FesharakiLessons
517Luo ZhihaiOn Three Lives Of Stone
518Andy BrookesFilling In The Blanks
519Ronald StricklandMemories Recalled
520Leah RossI'm The Shinny New Toy
521Bernard F. AsuncionThrough The Rain Hang On
522Lawrence S. PertillarA Clear And Present Sorrow
523Andy BrookesPuny Penning Perhaps Perturbation
524Leah RossI Will Not Indulge
525Leah RossShake Off The Haters
526Leah RossIt's Hard Being You
527Leah RossI'm The New Kid On The Block
528Godfrey MorrisI Am Not Wise
529Bernard F. AsuncionWell-Known Identity
530Godfrey MorrisLet It Be
531Ghost LegendHere I Am
532Norah TunneyIn The Gentle Shimmer Of Things.
533Sandra FeldmanLife's Essential Roots
534Edwin TangumaThere Is More To Life Than Going Through The Motions (Senryu)
535Is It PoetryLoving For A Night And For A Day
536Hosein Shafieiآواره گی ی سرخ
537Weslee SampelA Poem About Love
538Leah RossThat's Right The Crow
539Hasmukh AmathalalMinor Correction
540Eillio ImbasciatiLeaving A Permanent Marker
541WES Vogler(blank Verse) Wes Writes Wicked Whimsey - Poem By Wes Vogler
542Suzae ChevalierLittle Suzy Loves Plants
543WES Vogler(ballad) Lady, What Did You Do? - Poem By Wes Vogler
544Bernard F. AsuncionFeel Better As You Eat
545Luo ZhihaiOften Toast
546Hasmukh Amathalalये मेरा आशियाना है Yen Mera
547WES VoglerCouplet) 'lectricly They Keep A Baseball Score - Poem By Wes Vogler
548Gary HembreeThe Song Told A Story.
549Leah RossIt's Time
550Leah RossReally Trump