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1101Francis DugganSatan Gets The Blame
1102Francis DugganThe Carol Singers In The Park
1103Francis DugganThe Weather
1104Francis DugganThe Mountain By Roads Of Duhallow And Sliabh Luachra
1105Francis DugganChristmas Eve In Millstreet Town
1106Francis DugganOn The Of Clara
1107Francis DugganA Rhymer In Nature And Name
1108Francis DugganThough Ted Never Talks Of The Past
1109Francis DugganA Rhymer In Name
1110Naveed AkramTo Report My War
1111Marlo JenkinsLove
1112Francis DugganHouse Sparrows The Chirpers
1113Samra HaqA Dream
1114Marlo JenkinsSlightly To The Right
1115Brian MawadriMicrophone Over Violence
1116Bernard F. AsuncionBalloons For The Party
1117Lawrence S. PertillarRequested
1118Andy BrookesBitter Lemon Tears
1119Jeremy HorsfordTenure
1120Luo ZhihaiLovelorn
1121Lawrence BeckCan't I Just Skip Ahead To The Conclusion?
1122Ike BoatLet Me Rhyme
1123Bri EdwardsSection C In February 2017's ' A Showcase For P H Poets...[ Up To 15 Poems From P H Friends; Expanding Horizons For P H Members & Visitors! ; Different Poems For Different Tastes]
1124Bernard F. AsuncionOne Girl Is So Proud
1125Ghost LegendSubtle
1126Ben PaynterPaper Claws
1127Luo ZhihaiChase Clouds And Pursue Moon
1128Bernard F. AsuncionOne Battalion Fights For You
1129WES Vogler(poem) Whup The Wordscraper Machines (On Facebook)
1130Bernard F. AsuncionChocolate Hills In Bohol
1131Leah AyliffeDandelion Gypsy Queen.
1132Gerhardus KeenLady Of Mine
1133Michael P. McParlandBeautiful Evening Holding Each Other
1134KATOCH P C K PREMTruth Of Lies
1135Jefferson CarterStardust
1136Russell CrowMending A Grudging Mind
1137Chenou LiuOne Month After Inauguration
1138Russell CrowWhittled Down
1139KATOCH P C K PREMPosters
1140Arun Majiপ্রেম রহস্য
1141Hasmukh AmathalalOld Tradition In
1142Hasmukh AmathalalFor Sanctity
1143Esteban ArellanoThis Spring-Like Day In Chicago
1144Norah TunneyLook At The One You Love With Fresh Eyes
1145Paul WarrenPolice - Summer Patrol In Elizabeth Fields
1146Arun Majiতোমাকে আমি আধখানা ভালোবাসি
1147Amar AgarwalaAlone
1148Hasmukh AmathalalNo More War
1149Meenal ManikantanColors!
1150Douglas ScotneyArt Overrides Sense