Best Poem of G. Grant

Is it in Ogham set, that love did not spell
Bethluision or fearn, Bobelith?
In birch hazel oak, before the Vine, or Ancient
firelight bid?
A Druidical march of yesteryear, its human sacrifice
No! It is in the heart of Man! Heart of Stone?
Aonach Tailteann Olympiad run this Rune
heart. . . .
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Before The Dawn (Threatened Abortion)
Will the child I might lose, in the profoundest
time I pass, In hope
Still adorn His highest Kingdom? Bless?
Watch men, down here pass by
In life, Some on another road!
I, with Sophia, God.

Will his ethereal spirit adorn
The heavenly King, never having sinned?
Or will this babe not . . .
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