Best Poem of M Fiery Leo

Glory Of Love
True Love is the one, which confronts the Time.......
And wins over it, never puts down its arms,
Its not that alters with the passing years......
Its intensity never fades, nor it ever loses its charms! !

Beauties external, grandeur nd shows.......
Are befooled by the ever-victorious Time,
But 'tis . . .
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Sorry! 'Friend'
This little lyric, for a dear friend
Who got cross with me last night,
The issue left undone, I tried hard to mend
His quiet hurts more, t'was better we had a fight! !

'Just go nd die, am not ur friend'
With love-smeared-hatred he said.....
Felt like heart-piercing dagger he sent,
For a moment . . .
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