Michael P. McParland Poems

Michael P. McParland Poems

1(dreams) Bonding As Lovers Do
311 Months (I Miss You)
416 Years Ago Tonight
54 Years Since
6A Beautiful Afternoon
7A Beautiful Afternoon Snuggling With You
8A Beautiful Afternoon With Beautiful You
9A Beautiful Afternoon With Gorgeous You
10A Beautiful Afternoon With My Angel
11A Beautiful Afternoon With My Angel 2
12A Beautiful Afternoon With My Angel 3
13A Beautiful Afternoon With My Beautiful One
14A Beautiful Afternoon With The Most Beautiful Woman
15A Beautiful Afternoon With The Most Beautiful Woman 2
16A Beautiful Afternoon With You
17A Beautiful Day
18A Beautiful Day (With You)
19A Beautiful Dream
20A Beautiful Dream 2
21A Beautiful Dream 3
22A Beautiful Evening With You
23A Beautiful Evening With You 2
24A Beautiful Evening With You 3
25A Beautiful Friday Morning With You
26A Beautiful Friday Night With You
27A Beautiful Good Afternoon To My Beautiful One
28A Beautiful Good Morning To Beautiful You
29A Beautiful Mid Afternoon With My Beautiful Angel
30A Beautiful Morning Holding You
31A Beautiful Morning In Each Others Arms
32A Beautiful Morning With Gorgeous Kira
33A Beautiful Morning With My Beautiful Kira
34A Beautiful Morning With My Beautiful Lady
35A Beautiful Morning With My Best Friend
36A Beautiful Morning With My Sweetie
37A Beautiful Morning With My True Love
38A Beautiful Night With My Beautiful Babe
39A Beautiful Rest
40A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon With You
41A Beautiful Saturday Evening In Each Others Arms
42A Beautiful Saturday Morning In Bed
43A Beautiful Saturday Morning With My Darling
44A Beautiful Saturday Noon With Kira
45A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon
46A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon With You
47A Beautiful Sunday Evening
48A Beautiful Sunday Evening 2
49A Beautiful Sunday Morning With My Beautiful Lady
50A Beautiful Sunday With My Beautiful True Love

Best Poem of Michael P. McParland

Happy Birthday Sweet Lady
Happy Birthday my sweet lady.
Another year and with each year
you grow more lovely.
You're a splendid woman
and my best friend.
I love you forever
there never will be an end.

I hope you have a great one
and so many more to come.
I wish I could be with you
and celebrate my . . .
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You'Re So Beautiful
If you only knew how beautiful you are to me
you'd know I see an angel every time I look at you.
I get short of breath my heart first skips a beat,
then speeds up fast,
feeling as if it will pound right out of my chest.

You're so beautiful I wish I had more than two pictures,
of which I could get . . .
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