Best Poem of Z.I. Mahmud

Hilsa Fish..... My Favorite
Oh! Hilsa fish
Oh! Hilsa fish
I am a Bangladeshi
My favorite fish is Hilsa
Oh! Hilsa is very cute!
It has a silver colored body
Oh! the Hilsa of the river Padma, Meghna, Jamuna
Tastes very delicious!
Bangladeshisis eat Hilsa fry with rice soaked in water and using onions and chili
Really . . .
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Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven “Next Two Days & The Return From Florida “
Sitting in the garden of the inn and drinking the tea of Florida was revival. It was my second day at Florida. All of us had enjoyed yesterday’s tour. The sun seemed to be light and disappear after few sips of the tea being drunk. It started to rain. The moment I was waiting anony . . .
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